The Candle Croft began as a candle shop in 1973 when Jane and David Stickney enjoyed making candles as they served small country churches.

Jane learned textile arts from her mother, sewing, embroidery, knitting and finger weaving.  Serious weaving began when she rescued an antique loom from a tag sale and carefully restored it piece by piece.  Jane is an Episcopal priest, spiritual director, teacher and artist.  She has been weaving and designing stoles and other liturgical textiles for more than forty years.

Jane weaves on this 48 inch loom with sectional beam.  The fabrics she creates are characterized by rich colors and interesting textures, sometimes accented with unusual yarns like recycled Himalayan silk or spun bamboo, creating unique vestments.

Candles from the Candle Croft.  White doves made with recycled church candle wax.  $25.00 
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Phone: 860-345-8712