# 230 mossy green with bright slubs, round neck,
contrasting  cotton lining.
51"    $150.00
#143 white rayon chenille, Celtic applique, silk dupioni lining, $185,00.   tassels can be added for additional $25.00

#124 Ivory & white, rayon chenille, round neck, silk noil lining, tassels Also available in red, green, purple and blue.    $175.00
Stoles in Stock.  Ready to ship. Phone 860-345-8712 or E-mail:jane@candlecroftweaving.com
Stoles can be made shorter, tassels added or removed, or discuss a custom order.
#420,Red silk& cotton tweed, mitered neck, cotton batik lining, tassels. Also  available in blue.
52"   $165.00

#248 purple rayon chenille, Celtic braid, silk lining, round neck. Also available in red, green and blue
.52"      $175.00
#339 variegated bamboo and cotton, silk lining, round neck,
52"    $175.00
#325 purple  rayon chenille, Celtic applique, polyester lining, round neck.
58"  $185.00
#616 Blue rayon chenille with novelty warp, warp fringe, silk lining, roundneck
57"  $185.00
#251 Green cotton chenille with recycled silk from Nepal. Also available in red, blue and purple.
 53"           $165.00
#259 rayon chenille with variegated ribbon band, silk lining, round neck.
 55"  $175.00
#115 celebration stole,  multicolor, rayon chenille with white linen lining.
56"        $175.00
#160 white and metallic gold, silk
 and gold lining,. round neck.
 51"          $185.00
#449 red rayon chenille with textured band, silk lining, round neck
55"     $165.00
#115 rayon and cotton, multicolor band, silk
 noil lining, round neck.
54"                 $165.00
#450 rayon chenille with United Church of Christ symbol, silk lining.             $185.00